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Dissecting the "Fairness To Pet Owners Act" (and Why You Should Care)

It's baaaak! No, it's not the newest Poltergeist iteration (thank God). This time it's the Fairness to Pet Owners Act.

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For Valentine's Day: Why Pets Are Better Than Boyfriends

I’ve spent more Valentine’s Days single than I once cared to confess to. Which is probably why the concept of pets as superior to people appeals so utterly.

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On “Pit Bull Defense,” Pit Bulls, and Why Certain Retailers Should Should Take a Lesson In Dog Breed Sensitivity

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post on pit bulls. Seems every time I do so some nutter or another tries to spin my take like I’m some kind of urban violence apologist. Luckily, this time I’m covered. All I have to do is make sure Walgreens doesn’t come after me.

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Soft-Launching The Fat Dog Diet: The World’s First Full-Service Weight Loss App For Dogs !

Welcome to January! In my profession, this month isn’t just about new beginnings, it’s also about the world’s largest veterinary conference in the world: The North American Veterinary Medical Convention (NAVC) in Orlando, Florida.

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Annual Holiday Gift-Giving Guide For Healthy Dogs

Every year I write a list of holiday gifts for pets and their people. Since I wrote up a nice list of holiday gifts for my Vetstreet post, I decided to offer you a short list of super-healthy gifts for health-minded humans here.

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