How to Count Your Dog's Calories With a Calorie Counter

It's necessary. But luckily, it's not hard. Use this handy calorie counter to select your dog's life stage and his or her weight. It'll then calculate the calories your dog needs every day.

Now it's up to you: Add up the calories in your pet treats and dog food to make sure you're feeding the right amount (the calories are almost always on the manufacturers' websites). That's it! 

But here's the thing: Calorie counts will be dramatically increased if your dog is overweight. That's why you need to select the "Weight loss (enter target weight)" option in the "Select dog's life stage" drop down menu (regardless of your dog's life stage) and enter the target weight in the "Enter dog's weight (lbs)." 

Got it?

Now you're on your way! 

A big thanks to The Ohio State University Nutrition Center for generously making this widget available to anyone who wants to use it.