Dolittler's back!

Dr. K with Morgan in Tahoe

For those of you who might've felt a little let down after I abandoned my overtly opinionated, pleasantly eccentric, and unabashedly independent veterinary blog three years ago, I have only this to offer by way of recompense ...

... a Dolittler revival is finally on its way!

For the uninitiated: (2005-2010) was a veterinary blog originally built to warehouse my personal musings on all things animal. As a veterinarian-scientist, it veered mostly into the medical. As an animal lover, its bent went more towards welfare. The sweet spot in between was my personal mine.

Since then, I've experimented with other blogging formats, juggled columns, even dipped my toes in video-landia. Which has all been great fun and tremendously educational ...

So why bring it back? Well ... remember all those stick-in-the-mud, one-pet-issue know-it-alls who pounced ferociously whenever I wrote about their specific cause or concern? I kind of miss them ... sort of.

Truth is, I never had so much fun blogging as I did while I was busy fielding attacks on Dolittler circa 2008-2009. To be sure, I was underpaid and overworked, but at least back then I had only myself to answer to for any craziness I'd concoct or ridiculousness I'd spout in the name of animalia. In effect, I was largely free to say what I pleased about my profession and its environs –– as those who butter their own toast often do.

But those days are gone –– for me, anyway. It's not that I've lost my touch on the buttering thing. Rather, it's more to do with 1) what I like to think is a widening (maturing?) perspective on the range of interrelated issues facing my professsion and its patients, and 2) a perhaps cynical recognition that I was never the über-indie voice of the vet profession –– because the notion of  freedom from commercial influence is a complete fallacy if you happen to frequent cyberspace.

What I can pledge is to try my hardest to reinvigorate the pet health blogosphere with some much-needed independent veterinary blogging. In so doing, I hope to reconnect with those who feel disenfranchised from animal blogging in general and veterinary medicine in particular. I expect to make a whole lot of new friends along the way as well.

Ultimately, Dolittler's all about cultivating creative thinking about animal medicine, and the business thereof, as we recruit hearts and minds for the sake of the special creatures we all feel compelled to protect by virtue of our unique role as humans.

Miss being able to vent some truly righteous moral indignation on Dolittler 1.0? Never fear; animal activism is an inescapable constant in the equation here.

As to my own hard lines? They've shifted –– moderated somewhat. Though I like to think I can still outwit an opponent while typing with my toes, there's been an unmistakable uptick in my willingness to be more inclusive, conciliatory and pragmatic.

So keep reading! Become a member. And for now, feel free to follow me on Facebook, mine my Ask Dr. K feature, scan through scads of new (and old) pics, check out new videos and find lots of my old writing to tempt you to stick around until August rolls around.

Dr. Patty Khuly


PS: For those who want to ink me into their iCals, August 1st is when I plan to thrust myself headlong into the full-tilt blogging fray.